Stop Asking Your Audience If They Can See Your Screen

know with 100% confidence you are sharing and that it looks like you want it to

Welcome to your weekly installment of the Let Your Nerd Be Heard Virtual Event Tips, where we share our best tips, tricks, and strategies to take your event to the next level.

This week we are going to look at you can stop asking your audience if they can see your screen when you share it and instead know with 100% confidence that your screen is shared and what it looks like to the audience.

You might wonder how you can be so confident that it worked since many speakers ask this question every time they share their screen.

It is not through experience that gives you this confidence that it is shared correctly!

It is not through practice, even though it does help you be smooth sharing your screen!

It is not through some Zoom magic that you don't know about, even though it does feel like magic being able to host life-changing events from the comfort of your home to people worldwide.

So then what is it!!!

It is as simple as joining the meeting from a second device.

It seems obvious now that you know this trick, but I will tell you that most speakers do not do this and have to ask the audience if their screen is shared correctly. Your second device can be your phone, an iPad, or even another computer.

All you need to do is join the meeting as a regular attendee instead of as a host or co-host to get the same view as an attendee. Also, make sure you skip joining audio on your second device to avoid having nasty ear-piercing feedback sent to your audience. You also don't need to turn your camera on the second device.

There you have it. When you share your screen, you now have 100% confidence that the audience sees your screen without asking.

Now, if you want to ask the audience if they can see your screen, you will do it as an audience engagement technique.

© 2022 Let Your Nerd Be Heard. All Rights Reserved.

© 2022 Let Your Nerd Be Heard. All Rights Reserved.